Saturday, July 7, 2012

Holiday Destinations: Vietnam Holiday Destination

Personally I really love Vietnam because it is a stunning and breathtaking country in Asia. Vietnam holidays offer the chance to relax on a perfect white sand beach or travel the country to find out a unique culture and some extraordinary sights. Vietnam has some of the best world holiday destinations where tourist comes from all over the world for enjoyment and talking rest for stressful life.

I always asked my friends about this country and finally we are planning to visit there for 2 weeks to spend summer vacation. Well, everyone has a different taste but I want romantic holiday destinations because normally I traveled with my girlfriend but my friends wondering some adventures places at here and I suggest them Sapa which is pretty good for this purpose. Sapa has also good spot for trekking at Mount Fansipan, Vietnam's highest mountains and for motorbike trips into the wild hill place.

So, we are going next week but you people should tell me your opinion regarding Vietnam and its best holiday destinations.