Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Holiday destination: Virginia, The Natural Wonderland

It is so difficult to say one favorite place because plenty of incredible places are situated around the world but I tell you one place which I really love from bottom of my heart called Virginia. The reason behind is this that I travel several time over there and I really like. It has some of the outstanding places like Luray Antique and Design Center, Shenandoah Caverns, Rancho Viejo and Artisans Grills and most prominent Shenandoah National park.

Shenandoah National Park is located in Luray, VA visitors find plenty to do as hiking, boating in the Shenandoah river, mountain climbing, biking and seeing good looks underground at the world famous Luray Caverns.

Luray Caverns is a natural landmark of Virginia where biggest and prominent stalactite caverns are situated on the East coast. Tourists have the chance to learn more about stalactite formation over there by taking guided tours.

Virginia natural wonder is also the home to a thrilling garden maze which is the largest n the east coast. Luray Caverns maze comprises one acre and was considered for entertainment, recreation and as an object of art.

Furthermore, the place is filled with decent accommodations like hotels, b & b and cabins as well.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Holiday destination: Budapest Holidays

Budapest has two holiday faces. The older side is characterized by grand buildings, sweeping bridges and ornate coffee houses. And the younger face is made up of boutique hotels, cool bars and a nightlife that caters with abandon to every taste. Situated in central Europe, Budapest is Hungary’s capital city and over the past ten years has experienced a surge of dynamism characterized by up-market establishments, shopping malls and restaurants. Getting around on holiday in Budapest is easy. It is a compact city with the River Danube flowing between the main tourist districts of Buda and Pest. They were only brought together in 1837. Pest has the greater choice of hotels, restaurants and nightlife while Buda has the medieval marvels of the Castle Hill district.

Best For

Fantastic thermal baths

Easy exploring by foot

Exuberant nightlife

Enjoying both historical and modern attractions in one weekend

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Holiday destination: London Holidays

London is one of the world’s greatest capital cities. You could holiday in London for three months and you still wouldn’t see every attraction the city has to offer. This multi-cultural city can offer value for money as long as you choose your accommodation in London and your entertainment and restaurants wisely. Ethnic restaurants are good value and you’ll find food from every part of the world here. There is also a great selection of free concerts (often in wonderful churches or in theatre foyers) and London’s world-class museums are free. London is less overwhelming once you treat it as a cluster of villages – each with their own style. They include arty Chelsea, buzzy West End, snooty Knightsbridge, leafy Hyde Park, impressive Westminster, intellectual Bloomsbury and happening Soho. History, royalty, theatre, shopping, fashion, classical arts and clubbing: there truly is something in London for every taste and every budget.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Holiday destination: Belgium Holidays

Belgium is not a big country so touring holidays are easy and low on stress. If you do travel round, you’ll find interesting landscapes with the rivers, gorges and forest of the Ardennes at odds with the rolling plains that make up much of the countryside. There are well-preserved historic cities, castles and churches dotted all over the place and wide sandy beaches along the northern Flanders Coast. Ostend is the liveliest resort. For local color on your holiday in Belgium you can’t beat Bruges, Ghent and Tournai. Brussels, Bruges and Antwerp are strongest on culture. Ghent and Antwerp have the liveliest and most varied nightlife.

Holiday destination: Austria Holidays

Austria's imperial glories have settled down into a comfortable, safe country blessed by sparkling mountains and lakes. The capital city Vienna resonates to the music of Schubert, Strauss, but above all, Mozart. The composer is equally venerated in his birthplace of Salzburg, but this cosy and highly scenic city also plays host to legions of fans who come to see the locations that featured in The Sound of Music. Austria is one of Europe’s most mountainous countries. In winter, Austria draws skiers to its resorts, particularly families who also take adventure holidays in Austria in the summer. Cycling holidays and river rafting have become increasingly popular Austria holidays.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Holiday destination: Poldat holiday, Pakistan

Poldat is a spot located deep inside Hingol National Park. Hingol River cuts the high altitude mountains here. It’s a unique collection of adventures different terrains and wildlife. After 40 KM of strenuous trekking, crossing various jungles and harsh terrain is required to reach the spot. You can experience unique formation of rocks that took thousands of years to form such beautiful formations its heaven for people who are interested in photography (Landscape and wildlife).

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Holiday destination: Puerto Rico Holidays

Holidays in Puerto Rico have great appeal for anyone who likes water sports and wildlife. The north coast of Puerto Rico has the most exciting beaches. The best surfing is around Isabela and Rincon beaches. For scuba diving head for Isla Desecheo and La Parguera where there’s a coral reef that is twenty miles long. The gentlest snorkeling is around Isla Caja de Muertos. The highlights of Puerto Rico’s nature reserves are El Yunque with its cool jungle interiors and Vieques National Wildlife Refuge where it’s easy to cycle and you’ll find newly opened pristine beaches. Puerto Rico is east of the Dominican Republic and west of the British Virgin Islands.

Holiday destination: Italy

When it comes to art, history, music, design, fashion, great food and wine, all roads seem to lead back to Italy. It’s no wonder that it is one of the most-visited countries in the world. It does offer a full, deluxe package of everything a traveler could wish for. If your goal is just to see iconic attractions, your journey would take you from north to south, from the Leaning Tower of Pisa, to the Doge’s Palace in Venice and the Coliseum in Rome. In between you’d be treated to spectacular scenery along the way.

Imagine driving through the countryside with the windows down. Sometimes you’d smell fragrant orange and lemon blossoms. Other times, the scent of freshly baked focaccia would linger in the air. Italy appeals to all the senses. Touch buttery soft Italian-made cashmere sweaters in the shops of Milan. Taste the freshness of homemade, tomato sauce with savoury pasta, hand dried the old-fashioned way. See the deep shades of crimson as you raise a glass of Tuscan red wine to the light. Hear the crystal clear sounds of a Verdi opera reverberate in a centuries-old theatre.

Even if you’ve been to Italy before, it still holds surprises for even repeat visitors. Take a ferry to explore islands like Sicily off the coast, or go north to picturesque peaks of the Italian Alps. Consider a hands-on experience in Italy to really appreciate its wonders. You can spend a day with a wine master, learning the secrets of wine appreciation, or you may tour Roman ruins with an archaeologist and try your hand at uncovering, ancient artifacts. No matter how or where you go, your holiday in Italy promises to thrill with discoveries old and new.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Holiday destination: Pakistan holidays

Pakistan is a breathtaking country there are a lot of good places for holidays and they are also easy to reach because of the cheap and economical resources of transportation in Pakistan. Karachi is the biggest city of the country. Basically Pakistan is the country which has intensive weather so when it is summer, the summer is too hot and when there is winter it is so cold. The best places for enjoyment in Pakistan all seasons, especially winter like Swat, Kaghan, Gilgit, Muree, Naran, Quetta, Islamabad and some great places in northern area of Pakistan.

Holiday destination: Malaysia

It’s difficult to focus just on one aspect of Malaysia as a holiday destination. It’s a multi-faceted country that offers so much to travelers who want it all in one place. There are some people who see Malaysia as a fantastic place for shopping. Designer goods are plentiful and chic boutiques can be found next to luxurious malls and bustling markets with handicrafts, tropical fruit, and gorgeous jewelry. Others come for the sun and beach scene. Some make the trip to experience the culture through the cuisine, music, dancing and festivals. No matter why you choose a holiday in Malaysia, you won’t be disappointed. It’s exotic, beautiful, and filled with unexpected delights.

Malaysia has the best of both worlds with unspoiled islands that are the epitome of paradise and lively cities that sweep you up in their energetic spirit. For the sun seekers, the islands off the coast are pure delights. Tioman Island’s beauty is legendary. It’s been nominated as one of the world’s most beautiful places and its beaches were featured in the 1958 classic film, South Pacific. Redang Island is coveted among scuba divers for its healthy reefs and crystal clear waters. Penang, often called “Pearl of the Orient,” is a popular island with shoppers and gourmet-minded visitors. Meanwhile, Langkawi is a new arrival on the holiday scene with newly constructed, luxurious resorts, and the Pulau Paya Marine Park.

Malaysia has its share of famous cities like Kuala Lumpur, the capital, but it also has so many undiscovered gems – islands that seem untouched by time and quaint fishing villages that offer a true glimpse into authentic Malaysian culture. In south-east Asia, Malaysia is a popular holiday destination. In Great Britain, its fantastic offerings have only been recently appreciated. Make your next holiday special and discover it for yourself.

Holiday destination: Japan Holidays

Japan both bewilders and bewitches in equal measures. Japan is westernized but quite different from any western country. It is part of Asia but unlike any other Asian society. Japan appeals to the visitor who likes to observe, have their senses stimulated and enjoys difference. Holidays in Japan can embrace the country’s many contrasts, from fast frantic Tokyo to the quiet mountainous beauty of Hakone (best in autumn). From Kyoto with its temples, shrines, gardens and long-standing connection to the imperial family, to the cherry blossom season in early April. The country is separated from the Asian mainland by 160km/100 miles of sea. As much as 70 per cent of the land is covered by hills and mountains with a series of mountain ranges and a very long coastline in relation to its land area.

Holiday destination: Indonesia Holidays

Indonesia is a beautiful country with lots of attractive places and beaches. Bali is one of the major tourist spot over there and numbers of tourist comes from all over the world for enjoyment and relaxing.

Top places like Istiqlal Mosque, Prambanan Temple, Sulawesi and Lake Toba. So I’d like to recommend visiting there and make tour unforgettable.

Holiday destination: New Zealand Holidays

No wonder New Zealand has a clean green image. The best holidays in New Zealand make the most of its great outdoors and the country is now a leading and fashionable eco holiday destination. New Zealand is two islands, conveniently called North Island and South Island. The country measures 994 miles (1,600km) from north to south and is 1,200 miles (1931km) southeast of Australia. The landscape is dominated by mountains and there is a stunning variety of scenery. There are over fourteen national parks and you will find bubbling geysers, tumbling waterfalls, moss filled valleys, forests and golden beaches. New Zealand also has a long ski season from early June to October! The two main islands are relatively narrow so no inland location lies more than about 68 miles (110km) from the sea.

Holiday destination: Cook Islands Holidays

The Cook Islands offer you not one but 15 small islands smack bang in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. Look on a map and you will find them north-east of New Zealand. The islands were formed from volcanic activity and are split into two main groups; southern and northern. Rarotonga, the capital, is in the southern group. On holidays to the Cook Islands you’ll wallow in beautiful lagoons and laze on sandy beaches. No building is allowed to be taller than the tallest palm tree. This is about as remote as it gets. The islands are self-governing in free association with New Zealand.

Holiday destination: Australia

The worst part of going to Australia on holiday is going home. It’s such a diverse, large country that you just know that you’ve missed some of the essential sights. No worries. You can always make a return trip and explore a different area. Try as you might, you just can’t see it all on holiday.

First-time visitors are amazed at just how eclectic Australia is. At the northern tip, near Cairns, the weather is tropical, with balmy temperatures and ancient rainforests full of wildlife. On the Gold Coast, surfer dudes hit the waves while sunbathers look on. In the south, rolling hills and dry warm weather in the Barossa region is perfect for producing grapes for Australia’s most famous wine labels like Wolf Blass and Jacob’s Creek. Stretched through the middle of the country, the Outback appeals to nature lovers and stargazers. In the west, there’s a touch of cowboy culture with large-scale cattle and sheep ranches, plus a gorgeous coastline that is perfect for leisurely, sightseeing drives. For those who want to go off the beaten path, make sure your holiday itinerary includes Tasmania – an island that is a small wonder down under.

No matter where you go, the welcome you’ll receive from Australian residents is warm and sincere. The Australians see visitors from Britain like long lost family members. They are among the world’s most hospitable people and before you know it, you really do feel more like one of the family, than a tourist. You’re sure to take home memories of not just what you saw and did, but of the mates you made along the way.

Holiday destination: Turkey

Your exploration of Turkey should include Istanbul, the only city in the world to be located in both Europe and Asia. It was once the capital of three empires, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman – each has left its mark. The city’s museums, churches, palaces, mosques and bazaars are attractions that hold infinite potential for sightseeing. Don’t miss Tokapi Palace, a maze of grand buildings that was once the home to sultans and their court between the 15th and 19th centuries. Its opulence is truly astounding. Istanbul’s Imperial Sultana met Mosque (better known as the Blue Mosque) is synonymous with the city. In the summer months, an evening light show is a wonderful way to learn more about this cultural landmark.

Take a path to another time by following one of the infamous silk roads of Anatolia. Goods such as porcelain, spices, paper, jewelry and silk flowed along these roads for almost 2,000 years. Today their renewed popularity brings tourists from around the world to witness this important part of history, with visits to ancient mansions, inns, and mosques. Turkey’s Mediterranean coast is famous for mild winters and warm summers. A dip in the Mediterranean, or a visit to a Turkish bath, makes Britain’s sometime chilly weather seem far, far away.

Holiday destination: Mauritius

Mauritius is pretty good destination in Asia for visiting and all these are top tourist attraction which are mentioned by you. The beauty of Mauritius allures tourists and visitors come from around the globe.

Moreover, Grand bale beach, Mont Choisy and Flic–en Flac are top selection of beaches where peoples visiting every year especially to spending their honeymoon.

Holiday destination: Egypt

Egypt is one of the most famous countries in Africa. It is a very nice and historical place specially its Pyramids. There are lots of places for holidays but Pyramids of Ghiza are most attractive and prominent place of Egypt. Khufu, Kafhre and Menkaura are the biggest pyramids of Ghiza and Each Pyramid is a grave devoted to a different king of Egypt.

I'd definitely recommend travelers to take a tour towards this place.

Holiday destination: Bora Bora Island

Well, I’d like visiting Bora Bora Island with my spouse. I heard from different peoples even I read about this beautiful island after that I decided must be visit there.

It is one of the natural islands of France with multi blue colored lagoon I never ever see this paradise before. Plenty of great waters is waiting for you like World class scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, swimming, and jet skiing are among the more popular activities.

I’d definitely recommend everyone to take a tour towards this heaven.