Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Holiday destination: Malaysia

It’s difficult to focus just on one aspect of Malaysia as a holiday destination. It’s a multi-faceted country that offers so much to travelers who want it all in one place. There are some people who see Malaysia as a fantastic place for shopping. Designer goods are plentiful and chic boutiques can be found next to luxurious malls and bustling markets with handicrafts, tropical fruit, and gorgeous jewelry. Others come for the sun and beach scene. Some make the trip to experience the culture through the cuisine, music, dancing and festivals. No matter why you choose a holiday in Malaysia, you won’t be disappointed. It’s exotic, beautiful, and filled with unexpected delights.

Malaysia has the best of both worlds with unspoiled islands that are the epitome of paradise and lively cities that sweep you up in their energetic spirit. For the sun seekers, the islands off the coast are pure delights. Tioman Island’s beauty is legendary. It’s been nominated as one of the world’s most beautiful places and its beaches were featured in the 1958 classic film, South Pacific. Redang Island is coveted among scuba divers for its healthy reefs and crystal clear waters. Penang, often called “Pearl of the Orient,” is a popular island with shoppers and gourmet-minded visitors. Meanwhile, Langkawi is a new arrival on the holiday scene with newly constructed, luxurious resorts, and the Pulau Paya Marine Park.

Malaysia has its share of famous cities like Kuala Lumpur, the capital, but it also has so many undiscovered gems – islands that seem untouched by time and quaint fishing villages that offer a true glimpse into authentic Malaysian culture. In south-east Asia, Malaysia is a popular holiday destination. In Great Britain, its fantastic offerings have only been recently appreciated. Make your next holiday special and discover it for yourself.

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