Friday, June 25, 2010

Holiday destination: Budapest Holidays

Budapest has two holiday faces. The older side is characterized by grand buildings, sweeping bridges and ornate coffee houses. And the younger face is made up of boutique hotels, cool bars and a nightlife that caters with abandon to every taste. Situated in central Europe, Budapest is Hungary’s capital city and over the past ten years has experienced a surge of dynamism characterized by up-market establishments, shopping malls and restaurants. Getting around on holiday in Budapest is easy. It is a compact city with the River Danube flowing between the main tourist districts of Buda and Pest. They were only brought together in 1837. Pest has the greater choice of hotels, restaurants and nightlife while Buda has the medieval marvels of the Castle Hill district.

Best For

Fantastic thermal baths

Easy exploring by foot

Exuberant nightlife

Enjoying both historical and modern attractions in one weekend

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