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Dream Holiday destination South Australia: Experience the highlights between Adelaide and Melbourne

You know, my heart beats higher when I see the sea, when the sun is shining, when breathtaking landscapes surround me or when I discover an animal! When I was traveling south of Australia, I had almost heart-pounding around the clock, because there is really a lot that makes me happy - and certainly you too!

To the south of Australia are the states of South Australia and Victoria. You'll probably start your trip there as well in Adelaide or Melbourne. I will come back to the two cities later, but now I'm going out into nature!

South Australia - A fascinating island, animal and volcano world

Kangaroo Island in the state of South Australia is rightly one of the absolute highlights. On the adventure island, koalas, penguins, seals and countless other animals live. For a long time, I did not have to look for them, because they meet you everywhere: in the original Buschland, on the wild beaches or, for example, on Seal Bay - here lives a whole colony of Australian sea lions. No matter what corner I was on the island, I was surrounded by breathtaking nature all the time. Hiking is a lot of fun along the coast, along with rough cliffs and sheltered bays, through beautiful hiding lands and past the Remarkable Rocks, which are bizarre rock formations, and on the Arch of the Arch of Admirals Arch.

If you are heading back to Adelaide or from there, you should also stop at the Fleurieu Peninsula. For me, the trip was worth it twice and three times, because at Goolwa Beach you can go surfing, collecting clams, or simply relaxing on the beach.

In the southernmost corner of South Australia is the Limestone Coast. In this region, the Blue Lake of Mount Gambier was my best Australia holiday destination. The volcanic lake lies in a hollow and it makes its name all honor: It is intensely blue colored. It is best to come here in the warmer months because the color play has something to do with the temperature of the surface layer.

Victoria - pure nature on hundreds of kilometers

We continue to the state of Victoria. It is the smallest of the six Australian states, but it is the second-largest city on the continent. In Victoria, over 253 kilometers of pure nature experience await you - the Panorama route Great Ocean Road. Quickly you will not be here, because the dream road is lined with small coasts, real rain forest, waterfalls, ferns and dream beaches.

A compulsory stop is, for example, the rock formations "Twelve Apostles". The up to 60 meters high limestone rocks stand in the water and look at the most beautiful when the sun rises or goes down. I found the colony of dwarf penguins living there really hard. Even more intense you experience the area when you walk like I walk on the Great Ocean Walk. Depending on the season you can watch whales off the coast or meet koalas and kangaroos in the wild.

The official start of the Great Ocean Road is by the way in Torquay. The town with only 10,000 inhabitants is known for its perfect waves and is considered the surfer paradise in Australia. Real impressive, what the boys and girls on their boards there deliver, I could be difficult to tear from their sight. But then I managed. And that was also good because there was still time for a detour into the Grampians in the Landesinnere. If you're an outdoor fan like me, do not miss these rugged mountain chains. The highest elevation is Mount William with 1,167 meters. Not only from up there but on the hiking trails have you had invaluable views on the beauty of the landscape. And often you are not alone because here live many kangaroos, koalas, and emus.

Back to Civilization - Adelaide and Melbourne

Whether or not your plane lands in Adelaide in the state of South Australia or Melbourne in Victoria, I highly recommend you to spend a few days in the two cities.

Wine capital and festival city

In Adelaide, more than one million people live, this sound like a big city, but it does not work at all. The actual city core is relatively small. Everywhere it is green; vineyards lie in front of the front door. The streets are wide and latticed, you cannot get lost. If you have something faster from A to B, you just climb into an EcoCaddy - the Adelaidian answer to Asian bike ricschas. In the taxi bikes made of bamboo, you can sit comfortably and they are environmentally friendly and inexpensive. In Adelaide, you cannot get bored. There is an excellent wine, a diverse gastronomy scene as well as numerous music and sports festivals.

Culinary and cultural experience

Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria, is a true metropolis with over 4 million inhabitants. Here you can stroll fantastic and go out. Once I got an overview of the bike, I strolled through the many streets and alleyways. In part, these laneways and arcades, as they are called in Melbourne, are covered. And they never get bored, because there is a new surprise at every corner: street art and graffitis, mini-cafes, bizarre shops or unusual galleries. Melbourne is for me the Australian Berlin. Here you can hang faster than you love. From the nearly 300-meter-high Eureka Tower, you have the best view over the entire city!

And how is the best way to get into the Eldorado for outdoor enthusiasts, nature, and animal lovers?

I would choose Singapore Airlines as I do today, especially since they have a lot of connections from all major airports in Germany and offer a special program for stopovers. And believe me, a flight to Australia can be long! You have to plan from Germany at least 20 hours of pure flight time, depending on the connection and waiting time as a whole day out of it.

So why not just put an intermediate stop in Singapore? The supposedly cleanest city in the world is always worth a visit. With Singapore Airlines, you can book one night in a double room in a hotel in Singapore on your flight to Australia for only 28 euros per person - airport transfer included. For 10 euro more there is also the extended package, which includes then bus trips, free entrance to selected sights and discounts for numerous shops and restaurants. This sounds like a very fair deal for me.

If you want to be on the road with the world's most modern passenger aircraft, you should start your trip to Australia in Düsseldorf. From here, Singapore Airlines is using the Airbus A350 to fly to Singapore - three days a week: Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. And Düsseldorf, by the way, is always worth a trip! What is special about the super finger? It has revolutionary wings that automatically adapt during the flight, thereby reducing air resistance. In addition, the machine is more environmentally friendly as the material has a carbon fiber content of more than 50 percent. It also ensures that the A350 has a much lower weight than other aircraft, but its occupants just as quickly and forcefully from A to B brings as usual.

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