Friday, August 8, 2014

Holiday Destinations: Hunza Valley The Real Paradise on Earth

Hunza is probably Pakistan's most visited valley, by the tourists. It is a fairy tale land surrounded by beautiful rugged & snow capped mountains. Only at a distance of 100 Kms and from Gilgit Hunza is a small town on Karakorum Highway. At the altitude of 7000 - 800 feet it is the first main town or stop if you are entering Pakistan from China.

This valley full of green fields and apricot trees looks like paradise and friendly people greeting you everywhere. When you stand on the terrace of the Baltit Fort in Karimabad, it is almost impossible to stop looking around to those magnificent high mountains.

But stop looking up; you must also look down, because from the terrace of the Baltit Fort you also have a splendid bird's eye view on the houses of the village Karimabad.

Everyone must visit Hunza Valley once in a life if you want to see the real beauty of the world.

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